The most common bucket hat and summer hat are made of various light materials, usually made of linen and cotton thanks to which they work well in warm seasons (spring-summer). They can also be made of wool, then they will work on colder days. Cotton bucket hat and summer hat protect against sun, wind and rain. With the vents are airy, and lightweight material dries quickly. Will be appropriate for sunbathers, fishing, trips, walks, as well as during outdoor sports. Roundabout these caps protect against the sun, and the material to prevent overheating our head. Flat caps will protect against the cold and wind during hikes and walks in the cooler days, it is also a stylish complement to the outfit. Berets from soft wool complements the outfit in any style. It works in both stylish and casual styling. It fits well with both coats and jackets in the winter, as well as sweaters and shirts in the spring. Of course, berets are also attributes of soldiers, they are part of the uniform, practically in every country. Depending on the color, they mean belonging to different types of units. In the United States Army, one of the units is called Green Berets, which he took the characteristic green color beret. The most common green beret is assigned to ground troops, while blue is for naval units.